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About us here at Fiji Golf

Our aim is not only to get you on a fantastic Fijian holiday, but to also get you on it at a great price.

But remember it's not all about the holiday, it is also about the friendly Fijian culture, beautiful Island beaches and the 6 star Fijian hospitality.

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Conact us here at Fiji Golf

For enquiries and contact details, don't hesitate to get in touch with us here.

We can tailor your holiday so your Beachcomber Island break is in the middle of your holiday or at the end, just ask when enquiring.

How to Book

Book our Fiji Golf holiday

For all holiday bookings and booking enquiries please contact us via phone or email.

We will be happy to arrange your golfing holiday down to a Tee, your relaxing holiday down by the pool, or your adventure holiday out and about.

Golf on a Budget

Fiji Golf vacation on a budget

Need help saving for your next golfing holiday trip. Then check out our easy payment plan options with Fiji Golf's budget plan.

Let us plan the way so you can have that great experience of your life time.

Holiday Conditions

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The General Terms and Conditions that we apply, and the information about the services we provide to our customers.

We will try to clarify any uncertainty you find within, so you can enjoy your holiday, all the more.