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The Mental Game

Think of something you want to accomplish on every single swing, like maintaining your spine angle or making a full shoulder turn. This can be your swing key for the day, something to assess after each shot. Don’t pick a goal that’s results-oriented, like a target score for the full round or a series of holes. Your focus should be on process, not outcome.

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The Stance

Your back foot should be perpendicular to your target line and not flared out like your front foot. If your back foot is not squared with the target line, it can create a number of problems.

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Holding the Club

Stand up, let your arms hang loosely at your sides and look at your hands. Notice how they are angled naturally -- you can easily see the knuckle on your index finger and part of the knuckle on your middle finger. By duplicating this "neutral hand position" when you grip your club, you'll more consistently and naturally square the clubface when you swing, increasing your chances of impacting the ball where you should, at the center of the club head.

Gently bring your top or lead hand (left for right-handers, right for left-handers) to the club and hold it lightly in place with your thumb pointing down. You should still be able to easily see the knuckles of your index and middle fingers. The "V" between your thumb and index finger should be pointing toward your rear shoulder -- not your chin. Now, place your bottom or trailing hand below your top hand, taking care to maintain its neutral position.

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The Grip

Vardon grip: Probably the most popular and common golf grip, the Vardon or "overlapping" grip is achieved by fitting the pinkie finger of the trailing hand between the index and middle finger of the lead hand.

Interlocking grip: The next most common grip works better for people with less powerful forearms, weak wrists or smaller hands. With this grip, the hands are literally locked together by curling the pinkie finger of the trailing hand around the index finger of the lead hand. The downside of this grip is that, with less finger pressure controlling the club, the handle can sometimes drift against the palms.

Ten finger (baseball) grip: Beginners, players with joint pain and those with small hands sometimes find the ten finger grip the most comfortable. To achieve it, simply lock the pinkie finger of the trailing hand close against the index finger of the lead hand. [Source: Lamanna].

The perfect grip is key to improving your swing. A correct grip will help you impact the ball solidly on the club face. It will also give your wrists the proper hinge, which will improve your power [source: Lamanna]. All three grips have been used successfully by professional golfers. The grip that's right for you is usually the one you find most comfortable [source: Hughes].