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Meet the Creekers at Fiji Golf
Photo: Meet The Creekers

Meet The Creekers

Creekers Social Club

Meet the Creekers social golf team just returned from Fiji on a great 10 day golfing holiday, they may have left a new lost golf balls record.

It was estimated they left around 350 golf balls back in Fiji between them. All good as the local kids will find them and make themselves a nice bit of pocket money.

It was noted most were lost at Natadola while a few went swimming at Denarau.

Its quite a laugh when they sell you back your own golf ball you lost the day before.

customer tour at Fiji Golf
Photo: Jenny Palmer

All Girl Tour

Jenny Palmer

Hi Michael just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed our time in Fiji. We had a great time and thought the value for money at the anchorage was outstanding, the staff were amazing and made us feel so welcome and the meal package was very good.

We enjoyed both golf courses even though our first day at natadola we were met with gale force winds and horizontal rain!!! we still played and came in with very ordinary scores and I won the prize for most lost balls as I lost 6 that day. pleased to say that when we returned for our second game the weather was most pleasant and I finished the game with the ball I started with!!

Thanks again for the great organisation, I think the only hiccup was when we arrived at denaurue on the first day they did not have a booking for us but it was easily fixed and we were soon on our way otherwise everything else flowed to plan.

do you do other trips in Fiji or elsewhere even though I think we are all happy to return next year and do the same tour hopefully with more girls.

look forward to contacting you next year,

regards jenny palmer

Footgolf the drive
Photo: Footgolf Australia


A Fiji Golf Story

People have always tried new ways to get patrons to their venues and new ways to invent sport to intrigue. Now by combining the aspects of two sports into one, Football and Golf, we get FootGolf, a new sporting craze taking it across the world.

It largely adheres to the same rules of golf, you have the fairway, the green, sand bunkers and water hazards. What is different is that you don't need to go out and buy a whole heap of golf clubs and the like, all you need is a few footballs and some boots.

There are two methods for playing the game, Stoke Play and Match Play.

With stroke play, each player writes down the number of kicks it takes them to find the hole for each round. And just like Golf, the player with the lowest aggregate wins the match.

Match play on the other hand comes down to the number of holes won. So the player with the lowest amount of kicks wins the hole, however, the player who won the most amount of holes wins the match.

Can you bend it better than Beckham? Can you swing it like Tiger?

Footgolf promotes you to select the right kicking action for each hit, you need to keep in mind the wind factor, the distance to kick, the avoidance of obstacles and how the ball will land on the different grass surfaces.

Enhance your football techniques, challenge your friends, or just have a friendly kick about.

It's golf, but not as you know it....

Are you up for the challenge, is FootGolf for you?

What do you think about having FootGolf at your Golf Course?

Anchorage So Much Serenity
Photo: Fiji Golf

So much serenity

A Fiji Golf Story

We don't just love the word serenity here, the tranquillity of Fiji is etched into the Anchorage Beach Resort as well. The intimacy of the resort sets the stillness with it's lush tropical gardens and breathtaking ocean views.

They say it's all about 'location location location' and the Anchorage is only 20 minutes from the airport! That means you'll be enjoying the peacefulness of your holiday in 'Fiji Time'.

What's also convenient, are the whereabouts of the local Towns, villages and attractions like Nadi, Lautoka, Denarau, Viseisei, the Sleeping Giant Mountains .... see it's so peaceful here that even the mountains are at rest....

Now I'll just leave you with the capable words of Darryl's friend Dennis Denuto. It's, It's just the vibe of it.

Do you prefer holidays with lots of activities or more relaxing ones?

What conveniences do you like when you're on a holiday?

Anchorage how's the serenity
Photo: Fiji Golf

How's the serenity?

A Fiji Golf Story

We love the serenity of this place, maybe even more than Darryl Kerrigan loves Bonnie Doon (if that's even possible).

What can I say about the Fijians, they would have to be one of the happiest and friendliest people on the face of the earth, it's their culture.

Everyone loves a holiday in the South Pacific, and here at the Anchorage, you'll experience the tranquility of Fiji all on a budget you can afford.

From the onset you are greeted by friendly Fijians (bula, bula), on the drive to the resort you'll have children waving to you.

Then when you reach the hotel all you have to do is relax, unwind and let it all fade away....

What helps you to relax and unwind on your holidays?

What Fijian cultures have you experienced?

The Lost Golf Balls
Photo: The Golf Travel Guru

The Lost Balls

A Fiji Golf Story

On our last Fiji Natadola / Denarau golf tour one of our players lost 13 golf balls at the Natadola International golf club on his first visit (and that was only on the front nine), 23 by the time he had finished.

I'm happy to say he did much better on his second visit, he was pretty happy in the end too, as he won a dozen golf balls for having lost the most balls in any one game.

We now have a prize for the least and most golf balls lost, it all adds to the fun.

By the way, don't think he was a bad golfer, I will give FJ$100 duty free voucher to anyone that can play Natadola and not lose a ball.

How many golf balls have you lost?

How long do you allow to search for the golf ball?