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Calling all holidayers

Do you know how little effort it takes to make a difference?

Join our community program, it takes so little effort to put a smile on little children's faces, a new soccer ball, a box of crayons, a few pencils, it sounds too simple yeah? But that's just how simple it is.

Join us the next time you take your Fiji Golf holiday and take along a few simple gifts that will make the difference.

Anchorage Beach Front Resort and Fiji Golf encourage your participation, the smile you put on their faces will be beamed back on your own knowing you have helped change the life of so many.

Can you afford a box of crayons or a few books, you would be surprised how many Fijian family's can't, so here's your chance to help. You can leave your gifts at the resort to be passed on or why not visit one of the local villages and meet the children and their parents for your self.

I guarantee you will get a buzz out of knowing that you have helped.

(Thank you)

local Fijian family